Alimony and spousal support are awardable in New Hampshire divorce cases. Many people are under the misconception that it is not, or that it is just for women, or that it can only be awarded for a maximum of three years. Most of these misconceptions come from the history of alimony and information that is not current.

Alimony is awarded to either a man or a woman based upon many factors specified by statute. Need of one party as compared with the ability to pay of the other is fundamental to any alimony award as is the length of the marriage.

"Alimony can be awarded in New Hampshire divorce cases to the husband or the wife. "

Alimony can be for a term of years or permanent, but in either event is modifiable if circumstances change from when the court made its order. Alimony can be made to end upon the occurrence of a specific event such as retirement or emancipation of children. Alimony ends upon the remarriage of the receiving spouse.

As examples of alimony modification, alimony ordered for a term of three years by a court order anticipating that one spouse would complete college and begin a career may be extended to permanent alimony if that other spouse becomes disabled. Permanent alimony may cease when one of the parties retires after a long working life or incurs a substantial reduction of income. How an alimony order is written, and what factors it is based on, are crucial in determining what changes in circumstances may allow that order to be adjusted later on.

New Hampshire does not recognize what is often called "palimony," or alimony between unmarried couples. Alimony is only available where divorce has ended a marriage.

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