You may have thought the story of the Argo is about brave Greek sailors who battled all enemies in pursuit of the Golden Fleece.  Well it was, and is.  But our Story of the Argo is about how our office handled an unusual piece of equipment, an Argo Conquest ATV pictured below. 

The Argo Conquest was owned by a client whom our office had represented in marital issues between himself and his wife.  When our client passed away some years later, our client’s mother hired us to handle his estate.   The Argo hadn’t been run in quite a while and needed work.  David Braiterman loaded the Argo on a U-Haul trailer, brought it back to Braiterman Law Offices from up north, replaced the battery, did some engine work, and cleaned it up for sale. 

Christine Coletti researched ATV dealers and construction equipment auctions about selling the Argo, but none was offering selling terms or a price suitable to this unique vehicle.  Christine listed the Argo on the Ebay.com internet auction website with pictures and descriptions and selling terms to attract a favorable sale.  Robyn Guarino accounted for sales costs and proceeds as part of the Estate accounting to the Probate Court.

The Argo could have been sold for close to nothing to someone who’d be willing to go and get it.   But doing it that way wouldn’t have brought top dollar for the Estate like the sale we arranged or yielded funds for our client’s surviving children.

Practicing law at Braiterman Law Offices is a team effort, using all our skills and developing others each day we work.  Often it means getting our hands dirty, and sometimes doing things unconventionally to help our clients achieve their objectives. 



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