About Us

Braiterman Law Offices is a law firm dedicated to working for New Hampshire individuals and families. Since 1992, Braiterman Law Offices has geared its practice toward those areas of the law that address issues typically encountered by families and their relationships, namely domestic relations, decedent’s’ estates, and estate planning. Domestic relations cases involve divorce, child custody (now known as parenting rights and responsibilities), child support, alimony and spousal support, domestic violence, child abuse / neglect, guardianships, grandparents’ rights, and adoption. Estate planning involves preparing wills and trusts, living wills, powers of attorney for finances and for health care. Estate administration has us resolving the legal issues when someone passes away, including probate and tax questions related to them.

Braiterman Law Offices is highly regarded by courts and attorneys around New Hampshire as a leading advocate and counselor in family law matters. Ask around. We think you’ll find out. Family law is what we do.

Domestic Relations Cases typically begin with an initial telephone intake, followed by an initial office meeting. A Domestic Relations Questionnaire for that that first meeting can be downloaded right here from our website Resources section. We represent equal numbers of men and women, and have broad experience in cases involving children. We practice in all the courts of New Hampshire both for trials and appeals. Retainers are required in all domestic relations cases, the amount of which varies depending on the case. The retainer and payment arrangements are discussed fully with you and written in an agreement for you and us to sign. Rates for staff in domestic relations case are hourly according to a schedule given to you as part of your retainer agreement. We also offer advice for litigants in family law who wish to advocate their own cases in court without an attorney present but who wish to have help drafting pleadings or deciding how to present their own cases to court.

Estate Planning matters typically begin with us reviewing your Estate Planning Questionnaire which can simply be downloaded right here from our website Resources section. You can mail or email that to us and we’ll get started. We’ll review your completed questionnaire and make recommendations on what estate documents are needed for your goals in the most economical manner possible. Then we’ll prepare those documents, schedule a meeting for you to review them, answer any remaining questions you have, and sign those with the necessary witnesses to make them legal.

Probate Practice involves work with the estates of people who have died. We represent executors chosen in a decedent’s Will, as well as administrators of estates without a will. We carefully advise on all the requirements for fiduciaries, deal with creditors and claims of the decedent’s estate, and prepare all the accountings and reports necessary for distributing the assets.

For the convenience of our clients, we are available on weekday evenings and weekends by appointment.