Child Support (or Alimony) Account

01-01-2006 date of order 0
01-08-2006 weekly accrual $100 100
01-15-2006 weekly accrual $100 $200
01-22-2006 weekly accrual $100 $300
01-29-2006 weekly accrual $100 $400
01-31-2006 payment $125 $275
02-05-2006 weekly accrual $100 $375
02-07-2006 payment 225 $150


The chart above shows the best, and only reliable way to keep track of child support or alimony obligations. Never should there be discussion of “April’s child support” or “I paid you in April” with this chart to back you up. A check written in April may get to you in May and may not satisfy all the other weeks or months not paid.

The example above starts with the date of the order with a zero balance. This date may also be the date of whatever the last court support order was, and if there was an arrearage found in that order, the balance instead of being zero will be the arrearage amount as of the date of the order.

The support obligation in the above example accrues weekly, at $100 per week from the date of the order. Accruals add to the ongoing balance each and every week. If the accrual were bi-weekly or monthly, use those dates to accrue the obligation as the order provides.

Credits, or payments made, are reflected on the date they are made, and reduce the balance owed.

By keeping track of your child support or alimony in this way, you always know how much is owed and when payments are made. In the above example, by the end of January 2006, the payor was in arrears by $275. As of February 7, the payor owed $150.

When you have to go into court, the court will readily see your calculations. The only issue will be whether in fact the person paying shows additional payments than are reflected in your chart, in which case the balance is easily adjusted. Take your chart to court with copies for the other party or his/her attorney, and your child support or alimony arrearage claims will be much easier to prove, and you’ll show that you know what you are doing.

To reach a clean table that you can print out and use as a form for your own case, click here.